Great job! Dr. Kipp is the best!  The girls are great! Good shape since I have been coming, much more in balance in mind and body! It really works. Love + Peace to all. Love the music too! It’s the best!

-Deanna Lee

An athlete understands the importance of good health, maintenance and injuries. Importantly, Dr. Kipp knows how to prevent injuries. And if an injury does occur, Dr. Kipp can fix that tweaked hip. Dr. Kipp is an athlete, Dr. Kipp is in great shape and health, he motivates his patients. I respect his care. He has helped me run two marathons. Dr. Kipp is best for my hip!

-Joseph Maya

I have been with the Dr. now for 4 years. I came to him because 4 years ago I had 3 discs out of my back, it’s never been right. after checking in with the Dr. after about 5 visits I have no more pain in my back or lower legs. He has taught me how to take care of my back and I been with him ever since. No more pain, he has kept this body in shape ever since and I just turned 76 and the back has never been so great, any minor problem with shoulder he has also taken care of. Total wellness is the answer.

-George S. Taterosian

I thought I needed foot surgery, came to Dr. Kipp as a last resort. He fixed my problem in one visit. I’ve been coming to him once a week and will continue. This man “tunes ‘you up perfectly.

-Tina williams

Fantastic practice, attentive and caring staff and doctor!

–Nichole Whitney

Excellent experience!

–Kevin Greiss

Very compassionate and cooperative people. Please play the blues music again.

–Mary Jane Fast

All I hoped it would and much more.

–Mary Anne Greene.

Cozy waiting area, kind and personable staff, amazing Doctor! Would recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, professional, convenient, and helpful chiropractor! Dr. Kipp explained X-ray and test results thoroughly in words a patient can understand and set me up with tips for home care and a patient plan. Thanks again!

- Victoria Majewski

I love Dr. Kipp!! I always feel so much better after an adjustment, all around. An overall feeling of wellness, everything works better when your body is in proper alignment. I am pain free and sleep like a baby, than-you Dr. Kipp.

 –Paddie Sullivan

Everything was out of whack due to a rough boat ride. I left in perfect shape.

–Judy Robson

Dr. Kipp and his staff are very professional, personable and effective.


Dr. Kipp and his staff are all outstanding, with customer service always being most important! You will find that Dr. Kipp always answers every questions and addresses every issue as if you are his only patient. I highly recommend this practice!

–Netta Levy

The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Kipp is very knowledgeable and professional!


Very caring, competent doctor, friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere. My ongoing treatments have been a positive experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Kipp to all my friends and family.

–Janice Covino

Always good! – Frank Phillips

Dr. Kipp and the Pro-Health staff continually go above and beyond. I have lived in many other places and visited other chiropractors but none even come close to Dr. Kipp. The improvements I have experienced in his care are unparalleled. FIVE STARS!!!!

–Dorothy Friedrich

Dr. Kipps’s expert care of a patient’s chiropractic needs is of the highest caliber. Furthermore, Dr. Kipp has an innate ability to motivate and educate each of his patient’s overall personal health goals that go beyond chiropractic care. His smile, energy, enthusiasm and compassion creates a positive experience. This was evident when my daughter experience paralysis on one side of her face that all doctors, specialist could not diagnose but when I reached out to Dr. Kipp (after hours!) he returned my call immediately and met us at his office. Within the hour, he met us and was able to review the MRI’s, then took an x-ray of my daughter. He was able to pinpoint the problem and after serval consecutive adjustments my daughter’s paralysis diminished. I am so thankful to Dr. Kipp for his chiropractic care! It is without reservation that I highly recommend his practice!

-Denis Brail

The staff and Dr. Kipp are very professional and customer sensitive. Dr. Kipp identified the source of my intense discomfort and executed a program that has improved my quality of life well within expected time limits. Kudos to the staff and Dr. Kipp.

–James Nicholas


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